Individual Counselling
What I do in individual sessions: 

  • I listen with compassion and without judgment
  • I ask questions intended to help a person explore their own feelings, thoughts and internal processes 
  • I share insights that come to me
  • I provide suggestions as to what a person may try to gain deeper understanding or greater freedom

In all this I view myself as one who walks beside another journeyer. I am not the expert, guru or guide. I am not a licensed therapist. I am a friend along the way who happens to have certain experiences and gifts to share.

Much like the way it is in our groups, I'll encourage the person to experiment and explore, to test various suggestions or ideas, to discover for themselves what in helpful and what is not.


Some folks meet with me just once, to find a sense of direction  or specific input. Others find it helpful to meet once a month to maintain momentum on their path. Some meet more often in the beginning or during particular times of stress or growth. 

Individual sessions are typically held at my home office: 15612 Beckley Hills Dr., 40245.or at Faith UCC Church

How do I begin?

Click to request an initial meeting  or text 502-759-0691. ​

What happens in the initial meeting?

  • I will ask you what you  are hoping for from our  time.
  • Next I would like to get a sense of your life's journey, where you have come from, what experiences you  have had that shaped you.
  • I will ask some questions to help me understand and put pieces together.
  • We'll close with some of my reflections or suggestions on where we might go from here.
  • This initial time is usually 90 minutes. Follow-up sessions may be 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the regularity and person's desire.

Can we talk by phone, Skype or FaceTime?


What does it cost?​

There is no charge for sessions as I offer donation-based services. If you would prefer a suggested donation amount, I can provide such.