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I have often been told what to think, feel and believe, but I have rarely been shown, or even felt permission, to explore what I think, feel and believe. 

That's why I'm creating various groups and experiences to help others explore and discover who they are, what they believe and how they will choose to live their lives. 

To create spaces in which individuals experience the safety, acceptance and tools needed for individual discovery, toward the end of finding wholeness and peace. 

Safety: a judgment-free zone, where one need not fear coercion and corrective crosstalk
Anonymity: maintaining confidentiality toward those who attend and what they convey
Discovery: "permission" for participants to be their own "research labs," gaining awareness of themselves and others without being told what they should experience or decide.

Our Groups are community research labs where we learn from each other. Past and present topics include:
1. Practice Community
2.Wine and Wellness for the Soul 
3. Exploring Meditation
4. Anxiety & Depression Support
5. Recovering the Inner Child
6. Bible & Beer
7. Finding Peace in a Frantic World: De-stress with Mindfulness
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There is no fee for programs. We hope participants will support this service to the degree they are helped. 

For more information on groups, click here.

For a snapshot of what we hope our support and learning groups look like, click here.

Individual Counseling is also available. This is a no-charge, donation-based service. For more information, click here.